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Innovating for a Global Palate Since 2015

- Tacos rio - 

Born out of the heart of both Montreal and Monterrey, Tacos Rio brings two cultures of taco addicts together on a mission to entertain your taste buds and release your serotonin.  Enjoy our street side creations with a mix of traditional and nouveau-Mexican techniques. Sit right up at the counter and indulge in a housemade mezcal, ice cold beer or a tart hibiscus water, as the aroma of fresh corn tortillas encircle you.

Be prepared for taco nirvana

- Cantina mississippi -

Step into the freezer and chill out - Cantina Mississippi is a nostalgic take on the 1930’s “blind pig” bars in a bygone era when alcohol was prohibited. Craft cocktails are poured by exceptional staff with care and abundance.  The dim lit atmosphere creates a cozy hideaway feel, while the decor transcends time.  No detail is left out. Sip a mezcal on the mezcal barrel barstools, lounge on the antique couches and gaze at the phenomenal collection of eye catching tchotchkes, this all makes for an alluring and unforgettable experience. 



- Disco 105-b -

 On the outside there is a door without any sing, you have to knock and give a password so you can enter to a whole new different experience, a speakeasy disco. The industrial chic design transports you immediately back to the future.  Artisanal brick flows into lasers which accent the dome ceiling as they flow kinetically through meteorites.  A privately curated vinyl collection offers an eclectic mix of deep funk, soul and old school hip hop. Check the evening stars in the fresh air on our terrace then move back inside:

The time to dance is now and till the morning comes.